Introducing Lewis IT’s Elevate Package, crafted with love just for small and medium-sized businesses! πŸ’Ό We’re here to lift your IT infrastructure and technical support to new heights while keeping your wallet happy. Say hello to a team of friendly experts ready to tackle all your computer and network conundrums.

Hopping on the Lewis IT support bandwagon is a breeze – just enter your number of employees and glide through checkout. No long-winded sales calls or snooze-inducing presentations in sight! Our lightning-fast, automated onboarding process ensures a smooth ride, with our team by your side for every twist and turn. 🎒

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Presenting our fan-favorite package for small and medium-sized companies: the Managed IT Package that’s all about boosting productivity and keeping IT costs low! πŸŽ‰ Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store:

πŸ–₯️ 3 Devices per Employee (Laptop/Desktop/Mobile)
⏰ UNLIMITED Hours of Support per Employee
πŸ“‘ Comprehensive Network Monitoring
πŸ“ž 24/7/365 Telephone Support

Billed per active employee per month, with a 15% discount for annual payments, this package is perfect for companies with existing computer systems in need of dependable IT support and productivity tools. A-la-carte, this package is valued at over $2,555 per month!

Small and mid-sized companies often grapple with IT challenges. Many don’t unlock their IT potential due to a lack of knowledge or expertise. As IT systems become critical for any business, Lewis IT is here to help with extensive experience in small and mid-sized businesses.

Our Established Managed IT package is designed with your unique challenges in mind. We aim to be your go-to solution for computer woes, helping your business run more efficiently and effectively.

Let us streamline your operations with various automation tools, so you can focus on what matters: your business. πŸš€

Why choose Lewis IT?

πŸ† Premium IT Support – available 24/7/365 via phone, email, and live chat.
πŸ“ No Contracts – our top-notch support makes contracts obsolete.
🌱 Scalable – our team grows with you, supporting every step of your journey.

Experience the Lewis IT eCommerce Advantage!

Ditch the dull presentations and lengthy phone calls other MSPs put you through. With our eCommerce website, you can:

πŸ’» Effortlessly buy and manage IT services online.
πŸ“š Stay informed with the latest tech trends from our blog.
πŸ” Track hardware orders with a simple, unified dashboard.

With Lewis IT, find a package that suits your needs and budget without long-term contracts or paying for features you don’t need. Embrace the IT support revolution! 🌟

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