Conquer the digital world with scheduled content blocking! Nurture healthy and safe online habits for your family like a pro.


Protection from inappropriate content

Scheduled content blocking can help parents protect their children from accessing inappropriate content online, such as violent or sexually explicit material.

Reduced screen time

By blocking access to certain websites or apps during specific times, parents can help limit their children’s screen time and promote healthy habits.

Increased focus on academics

Parents can use scheduled content blocking to limit access to entertainment websites or social media platforms during school hours, which can help improve their children’s academic focus and performance.

Improved sleep habits

By blocking access to electronic devices during specific hours, parents can help their children establish better sleep habits, which can lead to improved overall health and well-being.

Peace of mind

By using scheduled content blocking, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are not accessing inappropriate content online or spending too much time in front of screens. This can reduce parental stress and anxiety, and promote a healthier family dynamic.

What do you get?

Network-wide ad blocking on all devices in your home

Automated blocklist updates
Lifetime software updates
Private DNS server
Your choice of a Cloud server or physical mini-pc

No YouTube!Roblox!TikTok!

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*All plans require a one-time purchase of a mini-pc or a cloud server rental to run the software

Frequently Asked Questions:

Content blocking allows you to choose when you want to block certain websites like youtube, facebook, instagram, etc. It allows you to control what your children see and when they can see it.

Absolutely! You have control and you will have the access to edit the categories that you want blocked all the time or only during certain days of the week, time of day, etc.

Yes! You can create device groups and add all the devices your children use into the groups so that it does not affect every device on your home network. Just the devices you need it to.

Certainly! Scheduled content blocking is 100% flexible. You can allowlist websites that the content filtering may block by default.