SSD Installation Service


Not all computers are fast! The machine you have had for the last 5 or 6 years has seen its age, with the new Windows 11 and all the increased system requirements. We can provide you a service where we will install a replacement Solid State Hard Drive in your computer, and if you want, we can clone the old drive to it, which will bring all of your programs, files, and settings into the new age of high-speed drives.

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Our Process

Obtain Your Device

Bring in your equipment and any necessary parts, cables or accessories.

Talk about installation

Let us know any additional details of the installation needed.

We install the component

Our certified technicians will get to work doing the installation.

Meet to give back your device

We’ll contact you when your equipment is ready to be picked up.

What We Require from You

We want to help get you back up and running as soon as possible, so please be sure to check you have everything needed ahead of time!

Your Device

The Replacement Part

Your Login Credentials

Computer Brands We Service


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